After starting on YouTube just out of curiosity and to meet new people, Ryan is now a rising star in the Australian vlogging world. He went to Film school and majored in Production Design which made him think more seriously about YouTube and we’re happy that he did that!

He lives in a small city in New Zealand, called Hamilton, situated in the Waikato Region, but his channel is full of videos from all over the world. He travelled from England to Sweden and from France to America, uploading wee videos from his favorite places, like Disneyland or the Eiffel Tower. Between trips, he works on TV commercials, short films and television shows doing props and costumes. He also does make-ups and if you’re interested in creating a scary look for your next Halloween party then you can get some ideas from Ryan – he has tutorials on how to create different looks.

All of these have brought him over 1,000 thousand subscribers and 83,000 views which is a very good start and we expect to see an even bigger increase in the number of followers. Judging by Ryan’s skills, this won’t be a problem!

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