Elly or better known as “Elly Awesome” loves to entertain people on her YouTube channel, AppChat. Whether that be by sharing her love of technology and gadgets, the latest app she’s found, talking about how sleep deprivation makes you act crazy, showing people how she keeps fit or dancing like a fool in public just for a laugh.

With her high production value videos and down-to-earth, happy personality people always come back for more. With a strong fan-base behind her it has lead Elly to be been featured in print media such as “Marie Clarie magazine (July issue 2013)”, “That’s Life Magazine (May 2012)”, “The Saturday Telegraph Newspaper(Sydney)” and “MX Newspaper”. In January 2013 Elly was taken on an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) with the company Sony, in June 2013 she was sponsored by Kelloggs Nutri Grain and in August 2013 Elly spoke on a panel at Google HQ in Sydney.

Elly is loved for her app reviews, however, she has also shown that she can apply her creative skills to enhance the promotion of any initiatives to reach a wide audience.

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