Divine Ascension

Female fronted metal has never sounded like this before. Divine Ascension’s blend of thick, driving rhythms, atmospheric layers, intricate solos and powerful, emotive vocals has already gathered many new listeners and supporters from all corners of the globe.

Divine Ascension take the genre of female fronted metal to a whole new level. The band continue to surprise metal fans the world over with its iconic breed of melodic/progressive metal. A definite force to be reckoned with in the global metal scene, Divine Ascension hail from Melbourne, Australia and are led by the enigmatic Jennifer Borg – a voice once heard, not easily forgotten. DA recently released their second album Liberator on November 21, 2014 to high acclaim from critics and fans alike. Liberator has broadened the scope and attention that began with DA’s dynamic debut As The Truth Appears (2011).

Their debut album’s successes were many, bringing in rave reviews and allowing the band to play alongside symphonic power metal masters Kamelot during their first ever Australian tour in 2013. The release of Liberator has seen Divine Ascension’s reach grow further. DA are embarking on their own national headlining tour of Australian this April and May and are the main support for German power metal masters, Blind Guardian, on their entire Beyond The Red Mirror Australian Tour 2015.


The combination of a great attitude and undeniable talent helped launch Melbourne-born Marie Wilson’s first single ‘Next Time’ to great success.  ‘Next Time’ was one of Australia’s most played songs on Australian radio in 1998, blitzing the Top 40 charts. It earned Marie two ARIA nominations (Best Australian Debut Talent and Best New Artist) and she was named Best New Australian Artist on commercial radio at the 1998 Radio Industry Awards.

Marie has worked with some of rock music’s greats including Bryan Adams, Mark Hudson (Aerosmith) and Desmond Child (Ricky Martin).  Leann Rimes recorded one of her songs ‘Review My Kisses’. Marie’s voice is her strongest instrument; this coupled with her world class song writing and hard hitting acoustic guitar playing has fast earned her the reputation as an enduring talent.

Marie has just finished her brand new album ‘Extraordinary’ which includes a cover of the Tom Cochrane song ‘Life is a Highway’ and her latest project ‘Gigs4Good | Live Music for a Good Cause’ has raised over $50,000 for Australian good causes since being established in 2013.

Her passion for live performance never waivers and her live show will absolutely blow you away.


Timmyhasheart is a solo recording artist that strives to connect his fans with honest and real music lyrics. While leaving his band and officially forming himself as a solo acoustic musician only in mid 2013, he has already built not only a strong Australian following, but a worldwide one too. Although he writes a lot of his own music, he is most well known for his ability to transpose heavy songs to acoustic songs; which you can find on his YouTube channel.

“I see and hear a lot of music going around in this genre and a lot of the genres I listen to, and it’s mostly just metaphors and things about the sea. When I started writing as Timmyhasheart, I decided to just spill my guts and be as honest and down to earth as I can be. I read every comment and every message I receive, and I respond back to all.” Tim Westwood AKA Timmyhasheart

Jordan Jansen Music

Even at fifteen years old, Jordan Jansen is keenly aware of the effect his singing has on others. He sees the joy his voice brings to their faces and the warmth it ignites in their hearts, and while this down-to-earth young Aussie keeps a level head about his talent and rapidly rising fame, it is the joy his singing brings to others that makes him love what he does.

Jordan began posting videos of himself singing cover songs on YouTube – initially just so his Nana could hear him sing – but quickly built a fan base of young girls and music lovers around the world.

Jordan has over 700,000 followers on Twitter, and a fan club of devotees who call themselves the Jordaneers. He performs in Australia for crowds of up to 10,000 delighted music lovers, and as he recently returned from America for his first official recording session, he earned accolades from Bonnie Fuller’s Hollywood Life website, which rightfully dubbed him “the latest pride and joy of Australia.”

In what promises to be the most important step in his career to-date, Jordan has now been signed by Sony Music and is looking to release his first album in 2014. 

DJ Ravine

With a massive subscriber base DJ Ravine is a bona fide YouTube star.

Hailing from Sydney this young man’s huge mixes showcase the cutting edge of electronic music and technology. He drops regular mixes weekly and has even extended this into extensive club residencies across Sydney’s night life.

His audience loves him for not only his incredible sound but for his in depth use of technology and how-tos.


Steph Micayle is a Sydney based musician and YouTube artist. Originally from Singapore, Steph has utilised her YouTube success to work on a number of projects including television hosting and modelling. Her biggest known video to date, a cover of Gangnam Style has garnered over 10 million views to date.

Outside of her career in music, Steph is an avid tech and gadget enthusiast, always toting the latest technology and sharing her thoughts with her hundreds of thousands of fans. She was the face of Telstra’s ‘Second Chance Song’ and also represented Telstra during the 2014 ARIA Awards.


Janice and Sonia have fond memories of their childhood. When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Their answers were a variation of teacher, painter and at one point in time even a shop-keeper.

In 2008 the duo discovered the world of YouTube. Fascinated by the concept of connecting with an unseen audience all over the world, they created their first account under the name “Jayesslee”.

The subscribers steadily increased over a year and in 2009 when the two saw a sudden boost in followers after their viral hit cover of Tamia’s “Officially Missing You” (currently over 12 million hits).

Janice and Sonia have made various radio/television appearances on popular programs such as “E! News Asia”, “Channel V” and the “MTV show”.

In 2013 Jayesslee made YouTube history by reaching 1 million subscribers and enjoyed a long period of being Australia’s number one most subscribed channel.


Harrison is a young talent from Perth, Western Australia, with big dreams and great ambition to change the world with his music.

His journey started at the age of 10, when is mother noticed his great talent for singing and signed him up for singing lessons. A number of lessons led to a passion for music leading him to live by the motto “Music is who I am, and it has always been my inspiration”.

Harrison started his YouTube channel to share his music with the world, whether it be popular covers or creating his own original music. Learning to play the guitar and clarinet and releasing regular videos all by the age of 15, Harrison is definitely a home grown talent to watch!

Sarah Grimstone

Part time vlogger, muso and full time food indulgent enthusiast is how content creator Sarah likes to describe herself. The fun and friendly Melbourne based 21year old has taken advantage of the YouTube platform to share all facets of her personality with a wider audience.

Sarahs journey began back in 2007 when she started her music channel to allow her to upload her cover tracks during high school. In the subsequent years, Sarah has developed her original music channel and created an additional vlogging channel (Sarah Grimstone TV) to which she uploads a minimum of two videos a week.

Her consistent upload schedule, high quality videos and absolute passion about what she does has led to the development of a devoted audience that are always looking to watch and engage with her content. She now boasts over 250,000 YouTube subscribers on her music channel, and is growing at an average of 10,000 subscribers per month. Sarah is definitely one to keep an eye out for!


Tim’s channel consists of impressive clips for cover songs he has recorded himself. With over 60,000 subscribers to his channel, Tim’s channel is definitely the place to go for great entertainment. He isn’t just a cool guy following his dream, he is slowly becoming an international star and a music producer. He loves recording his own version of worldwide hits, but at the same time he is creating his own music. You’ll be convinced that he’s more than just a good voice when you’ll check his youtube channel and see that in most of the covers he is singing along with a friend, usually with others just like him, well-known rising stars.