Josh Wade began creating content online in the school holidays of 2007. Using this outlet for his creativity developed Josh’s passion for acting, comedy and video production. He continued to make videos throughout his teenage years whilst adapting his online material into his first one hour solo stand up show.

He sold out all tickets when he performed this show at just sixteen years of age. Now nineteen, Josh is listed in the Top 100 Australian YouTubers, and has garnered the second largest comedy fanbase in Australia with a combined 560,000 subscribers and 15 million hits across all platforms.

Josh’s online comedy career skyrocketed at the beginning of 2013 with the release of his comedic sketch Shit Australians Say, and hugely popular ‘wacky’ street interviews with the general public in his series Aussie Opinion. These and various other sketch/comedy clips have earned him over 6 Million YouTube views and a combined 15+ Million views over social media. Josh’s most watched video earned him a generous amount of positive media attention during the 2013 Australian Federal Election for his portrayal of ‘the ‘Straya Party’ – a fictional ‘bogan’ based campaign ad which was watched by an incredible 4 million+ over social media.

Josh has also translated his online talent to TV and Radio, with his video Racist Bogan Parody re-enacted on ABC TV’s The Gruen Transfer- hosted by Wil Anderson during the Australian Election. Josh’s presence continues to build, garnering him thousands of new fans each day. This young comedian has already cemented himself as a worldwide prospect for Australian comedy.

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