Ollie Langdon

Having started uploading videos to YouTube in 2007, Ollie has been regularly posting on his current channel since 2012. Beginning in the ‘vlogger’ genre, Ollie has made the transition to comedy quite smoothly without losing viewers. His channel consists of stand up comedy-esque rants along with sketches and the occasional parody. Starting in April 2015, Ollie is making the effort to upload daily and broaden the genres he currently works within.

He’s currently based in New Zealand, and his YouTube channel boasts close to 65,000 subscribers.


The Roundabout Crew’s Tom, Elliot and Kenny have created a large number of comedy sketches in various styles and have worked with some of the top comedy YouTubers in Australia - including ‘RackaRacka’, ‘Frenchy’, Neel Kolhakter, ‘The Royal Stampede’ and Josh Wade. In 2014 Tom coproduced a series of funded skits for ABC’s Fresh Blood Initiative. Tom’s worked with Australian comedian Greg Fleet, and produced skits for the Labour Party and the University of Canberra’s Student Association.The crew have also had the opportunity to present a radio show on Canberra’s 104.7. 

Always trying to push the boundaries in original content ‘The Roundabout Crew’ YouTube channel and Facebook fan page have gained over 120,000 likes, 50,000 subscribers, and 4 million views.


Nathan is an all-Australian prankster and comedian based in Queensland. Nathans goal with his YouTube channel is to create videos that entertain and shock at the same time. His highly energetic nature and dangerously hilarious videos will keep your eyes glued to the screen!

Josh Wade

Josh Wade began creating content online in the school holidays of 2007. Using this outlet for his creativity developed Josh’s passion for acting, comedy and video production. He continued to make videos throughout his teenage years whilst adapting his online material into his first one hour solo stand up show.

He sold out all tickets when he performed this show at just sixteen years of age. Now nineteen, Josh is listed in the Top 100 Australian YouTubers, and has garnered the second largest comedy fanbase in Australia with a combined 560,000 subscribers and 15 million hits across all platforms.

Josh’s online comedy career skyrocketed at the beginning of 2013 with the release of his comedic sketch Shit Australians Say, and hugely popular ‘wacky’ street interviews with the general public in his series Aussie Opinion. These and various other sketch/comedy clips have earned him over 6 Million YouTube views and a combined 15+ Million views over social media. Josh’s most watched video earned him a generous amount of positive media attention during the 2013 Australian Federal Election for his portrayal of ‘the ‘Straya Party’ – a fictional ‘bogan’ based campaign ad which was watched by an incredible 4 million+ over social media.

Josh has also translated his online talent to TV and Radio, with his video Racist Bogan Parody re-enacted on ABC TV’s The Gruen Transfer- hosted by Wil Anderson during the Australian Election. Josh’s presence continues to build, garnering him thousands of new fans each day. This young comedian has already cemented himself as a worldwide prospect for Australian comedy.


Brothers Theo and Nathan developed an interest for comedy and impersonation in their years at school, and are now regularly entertaining viewers with skits and parodies on their Superwog YouTube channel.

The brothers first discovered and uploaded their first video on YouTube in 2008. Following their initial unforeseen internet success, the brothers began taking this YouTube thing more seriously. In attempt to take their channel to the next level, Nathan and Theo began uploading more regularly in 2012 and have since accumulated an impressive following.

As a result of their online success they have taken to the stage to perform live shows all around Australia and also feature in the Sydney & Melbourne Comedy Festivals in 2013.


Scott aka FrigginBoom is a YouTube comedian and handsome gentleman. YouTubing for several years on other channels it was in 2012 that FrigginBoom first came about. His ‘Learning About’ series, in which videos are devoted to learning about just one topic have become his most popular, with topics including fairies, cups, fire, video editing and much more. In fact this series became so popular it earned him the praise and chance to collaborate with the international YouTube megastar, Wheezy Waiter.

When not uploading content to his main channel Scott also has a second channel ‘FrigginDaily’ and also performs stand up comedy on the Australian comedy circuit. 


Damielou Shavelle

Brilliantly vibrant, endlessly entertaining, Damielou Shavelle is without doubt one of YouTube Australia’s most talented up and coming singer-songwriter musicians and video bloggers. Damielou’s colourful artistic personality shines through in performances of her original songwriting and some of the world’s most popular songs that have been stamped with her own prolific creative soul and transformed to truly be her own. With her unique brand of infectious energy and after snatching YouTube viewers’ hearts for years, Damielou was awarded YouTube’s official Next Vlogger title in 2013. More recently, Damielou has attended the 2014 ARIA awards and featured on the front page of Australian Financial Review and Business Review Weekly highlighting her budding online success.

Neel Kolhatkar

Neel Kolhatkar is one of the brightest prospects in Australian comedy. At 19, he boasts a CV already rivaling more seasoned stand-up professionals. With an existing subscriber base garnering him hundreds of thousands of views on his YouTube channel, Neel sky-rocketed to internet stardom in 2013 with his viral video ‘Australia in 2 Minutes’ – which collected over a million views within three days of release.

As a profilic stand-up comedian as he is at writing, producing and directing videos, Neel charms audiences with his impeccable foreign accens, faultless impressions, refreshingly amiable style of insightful observation and energetic delivery.