Neutral Car Show

Neutral Car Show is an online TV show that debuted in 2010 and featured 12 episodes.


If you like driving on the dirt then you’re in the right place!

John, the man behind OHM26 is passionate about 4WD and has over 10 years experience in everything related to the sport: off-road races, 4WD vehicles, dirt races, world rally championships or simply traveling & exploring in a 4WD. A television producer of over 10 years, John has contributed to such productions as the Bathurst 1000, Bathurst 12 hour race and Targa race. His breadth of experience translate to highly produced YouTube videos, setting the standard for content online.

If it’s 4WD related, offroad focused or just ‘on the dirt’ you can be assured John will have it covered which has led to an ever growing audience tuning in for the latest content.