These channels represent the next generation of on-line superstars. Whether they’re a gamer with 400,000 fanboys, a fashion guru with killer style and millions of hits or a charismatic chef with six-figures worth of fans, they all have something in common – a loyal and devoted audience that loves video.

Enter the Boom Community

Much like YouTube itself, Boom is more than the sum of its parts. The Boom network is a creative, energetic and exciting community of talented vloggers and bloggers with serious influence and reach. Joining the network affords vloggers access to the royalty of advertisers and agencies as well as launching your vlog into the consciousness of your peers, their talent and sought-after audiences.

We are committed to realize 4 key objectives for our partnered vloggers. Boom promises to:

1. Promote your channel in the advertising and media market to attract more revenue

2. Be your representative with YouTube to ensure your interests are being looked after and supported

3. Provide the opportunity to grow, expand and develop as a channel

4. Help launch your career beyond YouTube

When we take your channel to market, we are representing you and finding the right brands to work with your content.

We help you manage your content and provide the support you need to grow as a channel. We are there to help you work with advertisers and we will be available every step of the way when you are involved in campaigns.

For more information see the MCN page or complete the application form to join.

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