Top Analytical Programs To Get Ahead Of Your Competition

KAREENAAuthor: Kareena Bowring, Campaigns Co-Ordinator at Boom Video

If you are a content creator wanting to make some sweet returns on the time and effort spent making your content you need insights into the competition and audience. How is this done?

The answer is analytics, but it’s not as simple as staring at a screen of numbers. There is more data online then what a single person can process, the information landscape is vast and rapidly changing; harnessing this information properly can provide us with valuable insights.

It is possible to get figures on any online content; here are a few of my favorite and most highly recommended programs to obtain your analytical insights:

1. Google Chrome Plugins

Google is the most utilized search engine on the Internet, with this in mind it would benefit you immensely to browse using Google Chrome.  By using Google Chrome you will have access to an array of apps from the Chrome Web Store. Try exploring the Chrome web store to find plugins that suit your needs.

  • Stats Checker for Google Analytics 

This is the perfect plugin to get a quick overview of your websites performance. It gives an overview of page views and time spent on site; most importantly you can view the stats in real-time, daily, weekly or monthly.

  • VidIQ

This plugin breaks down the statistics of individual YouTube videos, however the most useful part of this plugin is that you can view the Tweets that included your YouTube video URL. Discovering who tweeted your video can help build your audience base and find other influencers within your field to create awesome collaborations.

  • HitsLink Web Analytics

This plugin is best for viewing real time data on your website, you will need to place a tracking code form HitsLink into your website to track performance. On this platform you can view simple demographics and geographies of your audience, helping you to pin point where your influence is strongest. The only down side to this plugin is that it is only free for a period of 30 days so use the trial period wisely!

2. Google Analytics (Free)

Google analytics is an esteemed platform that generates extremely detailed statistics about websites. With this data you are able to view visitors from all referrers including social media.

As the system is rather comprehensive it may take some practice to get used to navigating, to ensure you get the most out of your analytics is to write down exactly what you wish to discover form Google Analytics e.g. to compare page views to the time spend on your website. Having an analytical goal will surely stop you drowning in the data ecosystem.

3. YouTube Analytics (Free with your YouTube account)

If you are a serious content creator on YouTube then YouTube Analytics (YTA) should be bookmarked in your toolbar and visited as regularly as you feed your fish. YTA has oodles of information and gives a complete interactive picture of your performance, visiting this frequently will help you understand how your audience is behaving giving insights on how to become bigger and better with your next content piece.

4. Social Platform Analytics

Once your content has been created you should share it with the world via social media, post the link to your content along with a short attractive sentence.

I do not recommend signing into each individual social platform and posting your content, it is far easier to use programs such as HootSuite, ITTT or Klout. Social posts can be scheduled through these systems and reports can be generated on the performance in a neat report.

You have to know how to utilize the data; this seems brainless however the first step is starting the process by measuring what is happening with your content and how people and interacting. We would all like to acquire more visitors/viewers; however to do this you are required to not only understand your analytics but also use them intelligently.




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