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Author: Nicole Thomas, Community Manager at Boom Video

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There is a lot to consider when you start a blog or website, and I’m not just talking about ideas for articles and the functionality of your blog. When you start the adventure into the social world of blogging it is very important that you also consider the ‘soapboxes’ available for you to share your messages from, rather than just relying on your blog turning up in searches. This is where social networking sites come in – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. You might know of these social networking sites but do you know how you can use them to benefit your brand and promote the messages you are sharing on your blog?

This article will discuss a few tips for using social networking sites effectively – as well as identifying what platforms might work best for your brand.

Before thinking about the social strategy for your blog it’s important to think about what is at your disposal for posts and content for the pages you are looking into creating – you need to ensure there is a steady flow of “base content” – content that will always be produced. It is better to spend more of your time on a handful of social networking sites that make sense for your brand than spreading yourself thinly across multiple accounts and not updating them frequently enough.

Below I have broken down how the top 4 social networking sites can be used to your advantage as a content producer, along with some tips on the type of content that works best in these social spheres:


Facebook is probably to most widely-used social networking site by bloggers, most likely because it is so widely used for private purposes; but only a minority are using Facebook to its full extent.

How can you use a Facebook Fanpage to promote your brand?

A Facebook Fanpage is great for sharing articles and promoting discussion. It also allows you to contact other similar pages as your brand via private messages. This can help you form connections with bloggers or other page owners with similar interests. The “Share for Share” method (where you promote another Facebook Page and they promote yours in return) can also be highly effective in growing your Facebook Likes organically.

What kind of posts work best on Facebook Fanpages?

Images tend to perform best on Facebook, so it is highly recommended that a majority of your posts have an image attached to them rather than the auto-generated preview that Facebook sometimes assigns to your posts.

Text posts also perform quite well but be sure to keep them short and to the point for a more effective post/status. Text posts that end with asking your readers for their opinion or thoughts also do quite well.


Twitter is HUGE overseas and it’s slowly catching up over here on the other side of the world. In recent years it has become increasingly common for brands and celebrities to actively communicate with their followers via Twitter and it is definitely a great place to be if you have a busy lifestyle and would prefer to make short snappy posts on the go.

How can you use a Twitter account to promote your brand?

A lot of bloggers use their Twitter accounts to provide updates on their blog content and to also share information that is highly relevant to their audience. This is done by re-tweeting or quoting posts that would also be of interest.

It is also becoming increasingly common for bloggers to use their Twitter pages as a mode of communication between each other and their fans, which helps to spread their brand further thanks to their Twitter handle getting shared around as others join their conversation.

What kind of posts work best on Twitter?

Twitter is pretty basic, with a majority of its posts being text based. The one thing to keep in mind is hashtags – something that everyone has overused at one stage or another. Hashtags often have little to no effect if used spontaneously; however if you use a trending hashtag or a custom hashtag used by an influencer it can have some pretty amazing after-effects.


If you have a smartphone the chances are you have at one stage or another used the Instagram app. This app became well known for its easy to use photo filters but is now a social network in itself with a huge community that actively engages with the content that appears in their feed.

How can you use Instagram account to promote your brand?

Instagram is a great way to promote your brand if your blog is heavy on photography, as you would have an almost limitless amount of photos at your fingertips before you even open an account. Instagram as a whole has a pretty decent dwell time – meaning that people are more likely to linger on your profile rather than to like your photo and move on (which happens on Facebook), so be sure to include your important links in your Instagram description – such as your blog URL.

What kind of posts work best Instagram account?

Although Instagram is simple to use and understand, there are trends that have been noted that might help improve the likelihood that your posts will be more successful:
* Light toned images
* Blue as a dominant colour
* Having only one dominant colour
* Low saturated images
* Presence of texture
* Shots from unusual angles


Google+ has been around for a few years now but is only just starting to gain popularity since it recently became linked to YouTube. It’s pretty evident that this social networking site will play a huge role in the social world moving forward – Google runs it after all!

How can you use a Google+ account to promote your brand?

Google+ is a fantastic way to meet new people with the same interests as you, fans and people you admire. Beyond this Google+ is a must have for every blogger because it helps your SEO (search engine optimization). Google+ also has a feature called “Communities” which plays as a huge role in networking on the site. Communities allow you to find people with the same interests as you and once you join a community you can share your content with the whole community, and also get posts in your feed from other users who are part of the community.

What kind of posts work best on Google+?

Visual posts seem to perform quite well on Google+, whether it is an animated GIF, video or a standard image. Google+ is the one of the only major social networking sites that allows animated GIFs to be shared.


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