Discovering your audience in YouTube Analytics

KAREENAAuthor: Kareena Bowring, Campaigns Co-Ordinator at Boom Video

Top channels don’t just create content, they create smart content based on research. YouTube Analytics is essential for any top content creator to analyze channel performance and audience behavior. Key findings from YouTube Analytics can be used to optimize your content and create strategies to push your channel into YouTube stardom.

Your ‘Overview’ page provided you with a summary your channel’s performance; here you are able to view audience demographics, engagement metrics, traffic sources and your channel’s top 10 videos. You should be viewing your YouTube Analytics frequently to gain an understanding of your channels performance; once you have a full understanding you can work towards improving specific aspects that could be performing better.

How do I discover who my audience is?

From the overview page click on ‘Demographics’ in the left hand panel, alternatively you can also click on the gender graph on your ‘Overview’ page. YouTube Analytics ‘Demographics’ displays age, gender and the top countries that your views are coming from. Focusing on audience demographics can help you build a profile of who is currently watching your content.

Upon viewing your audience demographics you should ask yourself if your actual audience matches up with who you have had in mind as the target audience for your content; It might also give you an idea of what areas to think about making content around based on what is ‘popular’ or trending for that target audience. After tuning your new content to attract your ideal audience, then you can go back to your analytics and see if they are matching up.

How do I track changes in my audience?

Discovering changes in your audience is easy as YouTube Analytics tracks data over time. Simply change the ‘Time’ filter at the top of the page to what you desire. The best way to recognize changes in your audience is to filter the data to before your new optimized content was uploaded; then filter the data to the dates after your optimized content was uploaded.

How do I know which videos work for my audience?

The ‘Engagement’ section of your YouTube Analytics ‘Overview’ page contains information about your audience’s interaction with your channel, to see all engagement data from your channel ensure the ‘Time’ filter is set to ‘Lifetime.’ To compare engagement data on individual videos simply search for a video in the search box at the top of YouTube analytics.

YouTube Analytics is an extremely useful and valuable tool, which should be frequently visited to note developments and trends on your channel. Having a complete understanding of your YouTube Analytics will help keep you well informed of your channel’s progress and give you some direction on how to take your channel to the next level.

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