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boom nicoleAuthor: Nicole Thomas, Community Manager at Boom Video

When looking at increasing the visibility of your website or blog there are many things that should be considered in order to ensure that your audience continues to grow over time.

I have complied a list of some basic tips and tricks that if applied in conjunction with each other should assist in raising your online visibility and your audience’s activity on your content; who wouldn’t want that?

New Content

Ensure that you keep your audience coming back to visit your website or blog by constantly creating new content. If this is done alongside effective tagging of your article as well as using engaging and relevant headlines this will also help to grow your audience.

RSS Subscription Button

Implement an RSS subscription button on your website or blog. This is a sure way to receive more returning and new visitors. RSS reader checks the user’s subscribed feeds regularly for new content and downloads any updates that it finds. This allows users to view any new content when it becomes available.

Mobile Friendly

Ensure your website is optimised for mobile if it isn’t already. Smart phone use for search and browsing is dramatically increasing over desktop; due to this eMarketer predicts that smartphone use will be the driving force from 38% in 2011 to 58% in 2015 which is a huge shift.

Planning Your Blog Posts

If you have access to a scheduling tool it can really help tap into your peak post time if you schedule your posts with tools available within most blogging platforms as you can plan your posts weeks ahead down to the minute that you want the blog post to go live. Having access to a scheduling tool can also work in your favour in another way – Post frequency; the more frequently you release new posts encourages visitors to revisit your website (especially if you have a set schedule such as posting every Wednesday and Saturday).

Forum Activity

Do you post regularly in relevant forums or in your own forums? This is a great way to get recognised by the audience you would like to reach. If you are actively posting in forums please be sure to include your website URL in your signature as well as your relation to the website – ie: Webmaster.

Tent Pole Events

Be sure to pay attention to tent pole events that are relevant to your website or blog; this could be product launches, announcements or even public holidays. Create content around these events to take full advantage of the spike in online traffic these events will provide.


Ensure your tags, keywords and article structures are working as hard as possible from a search perspective – i.e. repetition of words in the headline, body and metatags of an article, maximizing use of video and URL’s to drive uplift in the search algorithm.

Proper Use of Titles

After all the time you spent slaving away at your latest post you owe it to yourself to ensure it is as enticing as possible to silently beckon your readers to click on it. As a rule of thumb the most effective titles will either challenge, relate or explain. Anything that evokes an emotion is already successful even if it just states something as simple as “Why you need to be careful this winter” when talking about house fires.

Guest Posting & Collaborating

It’s the new ‘in’ thing to do across a variety of blogs and websites. In case it isn’t clear guest posting (sometimes referred to as guest blogging) is where a blogger writes an article for another website with a small snippet about the author’s website in the footer of the post to help drive traffic between the two websites.

Now these are just a handful of the many ways to help grow your blog. For more tips please be sure to touch base with me (Nicole) as I am more than happy to discuss ways in which to grow your blog if you are a blogger or website owner of the Boom Network – We also have a tip of the week within the NVU Newsletter which is sent out fortnightly so be sure to keep an eye out!

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