5 Great Tips to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Author: Emma Barnes, Partner Development Manager at Boom Video

Emma Barnes - Boom Video“How do I get more YouTube subscribers?”

As the YouTube Partner Manager at Boom this is one of the questions I hear the most from YouTubers. Whilst unfortunately there aren’t any magic tricks to rapidly increase your subscriber base, there are a number of tried-and-tested strategies that YouTube creators can utilise to drive their audience and subscriber growth. Here are a few to help get you started on the rise to YouTube stardom!

1. Collaborations

One of the key benefits of being a YouTube creator is being part of an amazing community of creative people, and yet too often I see YouTube channels creating their content in relative isolation. One of the fastest ways (and probably the most fun!) to grow your subscriber count is to collaborate with a like-minded channel to produce a video that showcases both of your talents. Collaborations help to get you more YouTube subscribers as they expose you to a new audience of people that enjoy content similar to what you are creating. Remember, YouTube is a global platform so you don’t need to limit yourself to collaborating with someone in the same city as you – it’s easy to collaborate via interactive end cards, in-video shout outs, split screen editing, video series, including each other in Featured Channel lists and more. For some great examples of collaborations created by channels in different cities please check out TwistedTim01 & ZoeLouise’s video here and Damie Lou & DaveDays video here.

2. Look outside of YouTube

Do you have a blog? A Pinterest account? Twitter,Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram? If you already have a social account or website that has a large following and is generating loads of traffic, take the opportunity to leverage these fans and get them to subscribe to your channel. You can do this in a number of ways. The first is actually embedding your videos outside of YouTube and making sure to tell your audience that they should subscribe (always supply the link to make this as easy as possible for them) to you!  If you can’t share the video (as with Instagram) create an amazing photo and include the subscription link in your video description. Specifically for websites or blog, YouTube has created a YouTube Subscriber Widget that can be installed for fans of your website/blog to easily subscribe – you can see more details by visiting YouTube’s Official Blog.

3. Create Incentive

One cool strategy to help reach significant subscriber milestones is by creating a video incentive for more people to subscribe to your channel. The steps to this are as follows:

  • Work out your milestone subscriber goal. Keep it achievable – i.e. if you’re at 430 subscribers it may be 500, if you’re at 9,675 it may be 10,000.
  • Work out something crazy, interesting or unusual that you will do in your video once you reach that milestone – Troye Sivan did this really well when told his audience he would get naked if he reached 100,000 subs. You can check out that video here!
  • Share your goal and what you will be doing once you reach it with the world, and watch people jump to subscribe and support you (and perhaps laugh at you once you actually have to go through with your video!).

4. Utilise YouTube’s Channel Trailer

The channel trailer tool is a relatively new feature that came about with YouTubes layout update to the OneChannel design. It allows creators the option of creating a video that is especially tailored to people who aren’t already subscribed to their channel. It literally is the perfect mechanism to showcase your content and explain WHY people should subscribe to your channel. You should think of your trailer the same as you would a movie preview – it needs to be short – around 30 seconds to 1 minute is ideal, explain what your channel is about and what people can expect if they hit that subscribe button. Many people are only casual watchers of YouTube and may not understand what it actually means to subscribe, so make sure you explain the benefits to them. You can check out a great trailer for the Boom Video channel created by Champ Chong here.

5. Ask and you shall receive

One of the easiest ways to get more YouTube subscribers? Ask nicely and make sure you’re giving your viewers adequate opportunity to do so.
As we discussed, a lot of people don’t actually know what it means to subscribe, and nor can the average person read your mind, so the best thing to do is use the following three steps when asking people to subscribe to your channel:

  • Tell them to subscribe i.e. “Make sure you subscribe to my channel!!”
  • Tell them how they can subscribe i.e. “Click on the annotation *here* or the link in the video below”
  • Tell them why they should subscribe i.e. “ Stay alerted to my latest comedy skits and parodies”

Make it as easy as possible for them by adding annotations suggesting the viewer subscribe, as well as an interactive end card with a big ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button on it. This really helps out those viewers who may be viewing your video either on a mobile device or via website or social platform, as opposed to your channel page.

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