“Boom is one of the best networks I have worked with. The Boom team is always ready, willing and able to help and always prompt with answers. Most important of all, the Boom team cares about what I have to say as a blogger.”

My Life In Mono

“Since 2010, Boom has been an excellent partner to TechGeek. They handle all of the advertising logistics, including having some big-name brands advertising on our site; thus allowing us to focus on what is important to our readers – the content. Boom gets what TechGeek is all about, and the fact they are local makes it easier for us to contact them about any opportunities that may come our way.”

Tech Geek

“I’d never been with a network before I joined BOOM but I’m happy to say it’s one of the best choices I’ve made. They offer a variety of opportunities and provide amazing support as well as consistently keeping you up to date with news and events. The staff are always happy to help and their friendly nature is the icing on the cake that is this awesome network.”


“Boom is a forward thinking network that pulls together world class ideas with home grown talent, making them a perfect fit for Aussie-Gamer. The dynamic team are always on call whenever needed and seem to work tirelessly to deliver content that gels incredibly well with our reader-base.”


“Boom is a network that actually replies to its content creators. Need I say more? Good. Because I will. As someone who has been contracted with other networks, it is refreshing to part of a network that cares and caters to your needs, regardless of if you have five million subscribers or five hundred. Once again, unlike most networks, Boom keeps its promises and helps you promote your content and provides tools to ensure you can be successful in every possible way. 10/10.”


“Boom is fantastic to work with, they are so easy to contact and they always get back to me as soon as possible, whether it is via email or phone calls. For the first time I feel that I can get help with YouTube issues or questions I have and they won’t stop until it is sorted. Boom makes me feel like I’m part of a family & I’ve never felt that with any other network.”

Jordan Jansen Music

“Boom Video is an amazing network to be a part of, from the start they’ve always been very professional and willing to go that extra mile to help and offer support if needed.  I would recommend their services to anyone without question!”

Capsule Computers

“To launch Colgate’s new teeth whitening product – Optic White, we needed access to the most influential YouTubers in our category. Boom was clearly the answer. Working with a tricky brief and tight deadlines, Boom proved to be extremely helpful and flexible, helping us deliver an outstanding campaign. Big, white smiles all round!”

Allister Hercus - Social Media and Emerging Platforms Strategist (MEC)

“Boom Video is a collective team of both professionals and content creators – that work to build and improve the Australian YouTube community.”

Amy Sass

“Boom truly is a network built from the ground up, locally, with creators in the forefront of its model – and that is so, so refreshing!”

Troye Sivan

“I’m with the awesome network Boom because they genuinely care about me as a content creator”

Damielou (EQVAY04)
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