Reap What You Sow With Video Seeding

Author: Spiro Pissas, Commercial Director at Boom Video

INLIGHTEN_15_4_13 -43As Australia’s largest video seeding company and YouTube’s first domestic official partner network, Boom Video has developed stealthy viral video seeding techniques that make your video content a heat-seeking missile on a path to the right targets.

What is video seeding?

Video seeding can launch your content onto the right audiences for your brand, resulting in a direct hit every time. Put simply, the process of video seeding is like sending a super-charged virtual chain letter dropped into the hottest mailboxes on the web. You’ve heard of the expression “going viral” – video seeding is the digital petri dish that makes a video go viral to the point of being a pandemic. By spreading videos like wildfire across the social web, a brand is guaranteed mass exposure to key influencers that will view the content, love it and share it at a rapid fire pace.

But how does it work?

For each client, video seeding is implemented into a very strategic and powerful plan. This begins with Boom Video using its expertise to source target audiences for your brand’s content and whipping them up into a frenzy of sharing your video like there’s no tomorrow. The toughest part is locating the ideal environments for your viral launch. We can maximize the impact of your video by selecting the ideal media tinderboxes for your content to catch on and explode faster than you can say #PinFollowShareLike…

I thought content was king?

Content IS king – this motto remains true. But, even the brightest, shiniest content on the web needs to be seen by the right audiences — and fast—in order to rightfully claim its place on the content throne. Your content needs to be hit out of the park from the get-go, and video seeding is the home run you need. There is something like 3 days’ worth of content posted on YouTube by publishers every 3 minutes—with volume like this, it’s easy to see how targeted viral video seeding gives your content the mega-boost it needs out of the starting blocks. Don’t put your content in the corner – help it stand out and rise to the top of the trending list.

Why Boom Video?

We’re an excitable bunch here and our powers of media persuasion know no bounds! Our combination of bouncy enthusiasm, passion for video and a masterful command of marketing makes us a force to be reckoned with – if we’re in charge of video seeding your content, be prepared for an outbreak….

Boom Network

Boom Network has built up an impressive smorgasbord of digital talent with large audiences that are having real conversations that marketers wish they were lucky enough to have with their audience. The digital talent that the Boom Network represents has built staggering audiences that go crazy for their content.

We help take major brands’ video distribution into the stratosphere. Here’s how we make it happen:

The Boom Strategy

We’ve got it covered here with our unique approach that covers video seeding and even produces branded content with our production arm, Boom Natives. Our video seeding approach is built on 4 pillars which lead to more meaningful views that simply buying views. Our strategy differs as we don’t start with a view goal. Instead, we:

  1. BUILD AUDIENCES – By tapping into the formidable audience of our home-grown Boom Video digital talent, we create a handpicked fan base for your content. The match is carefully made based on their preferences and your brand’s message to ensure viewers go gaga for your video. We connect your brand to audiences that are enthusiastic for digital talent that can boost your brand.
  2. SHARE CONTENT – we get influencers and viewers to share the content thanks to our secret blend of encouragement and persuasion, Boom style. With a little help from our exclusive technology, we employ the rock star geeks that can turn analytical data into video content magic. It’s a hit!
  3. GET TALKED ABOUT – your content will be a hot topic, with much chattering about it on blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of.
  4. CREATE FANS – Et voila! Your awesome content has been seeded by Boom Video and your brand now has a legion of new fans through the content.

There you have it. The next step is to keep the audiences captive with more mesmerizing content and your brand will go from strength-to-strength.

The ultimate combo meal– video seeding and branded content by Boom Video

Get the total experience by combining video seeding and branded content by Boom Video. Our production arm takes care of the content with our YouTube talent creating bespoke videos for brand’s campaigns, while our video seeding teams amplify the videos through our vlogger channel, a blogger channel or maybe both depending on the outreach strategy used.

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