What we do

Amazing support

How would you like access to an approachable, proactive support team based in your time zone, available every working day via phone, email and social media? Our team is here to help – and thanks to our close relationship with Google, Boom is your new personalised YouTube support team.

A thriving community

The Boom network is a vibrant & welcoming community of creators invested in each other’s success. Gathering in our members-only forums, there are hundreds of ambitious & experienced channels setting up collaborations, exchanging tips, organising meet-ups, discussing tactics, sharing their work, and so much more. It’s also where we post the latest latest YouTube and digital media news, as well as all current opportunities to earn extra dollars from brand campaigns.

Audience development

At Boom we understand the whole picture. Helping you grow your channel is a major part of what we do, but we also know that your channel’s success isn’t solely down to your work on YouTube. Building a strong presence on multiple platforms is crucial, so we’ll help you optimise across social media and even sydnicate your content to find new audiences on other sites.

Events & workshops

Get involved in the events that we run and sponsor. From workshops in your city that bring our channel partners together with industry insiders and influential brand representatives to educational Google hangouts. They’re a chance to learn, foster relationships with your peers and have some fun.

Monetise any cover song

Boom is the first and only network globally whose members can legitimately monetise any cover song they choose, thanks to our unique agreement with AMCOS. So if you’re a musician and want to showcase your talent to a wider audience and earn from it in the process, Boom is the natural choice.

More ways to earn

Major brands are starting to sit up and take notice of the power of influencers like you, and we’re helping them understand this new future of advertising.

Work with Boom and we’ll help you grow your own brand, both on YouTube, social media, your own blog/site and wherever else your influence can extend. Then we’ll put you in front of the brands that want to reach your fans and open up new ways for you to earn from all of those platforms.

Higher paying standard advertising (pre-roll)

As an official YouTube network we have the right to sell pre-roll video across channels that partner with boom. We are typically able to command much higher rates than AdSense or YouTube and we pass on that benefit on to you. And because Google also sells alongside us, picking up any spots we don’t sell, there will always be income being generated.

Fairness, transparency & control

Our philosophy is transparency & fairness and our terms reflect that. We work on a revenue share basis rather than a fixed CPM so that you get your fair share of our combined success and we’ll never hide your earnings from you. Nor do we interfere in your content or the running of your channel – that stays with you, the creator.


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