How do I make money?

With Boom, you can make money in heaps of ways:
– AdSense & YouTube direct sales
– Video sponsorships from simple shout-outs & annotations to fully brand-funded content creation
– Your social accounts, blog and website
– Premium rate pre-roll campaigns
– Talent bookings outside your channel (e.g. tv commercials, appearances, etc)
– Talk to us about other revenue sources, such as merchandise and events. we’ll be happy to help.

Why do I need to sign an agreement to be a part of Boom?

We are proud to formally represent 100s of Australian channels and we believe it is a real benefit for a channel owner to be aligned with a successful local network. Like any other official representative, for Boom to credibly represent your channel to advertisers & their agencies, we need to have a formal agreement in place.

Is this all permanent?

No. We believe in fair & equitable dealings with all our partners so you won’t find yourself stuck in a lopsided long-term contract with Boom. We require an initial commitment of 1 year but you are able to give notice to leave the Boom network and revert to full control of your channel after that if you choose to.

Why do I need to link my channel’s AdSense account with Boom?

Without being in our measurement system you will miss out on meaningful monetisation opportunities, like higher paying pre-roll and video sponsorships. Being in the system also gives us the necessary access to your analytics, such as the audience demographics that are used to help sell your channel to advertisers.

I use AdSense on my website too. What happens to these earnings?

We only link the YouTube portion of your AdSense account. Your website and any other related social media or blog will not be affected by being part of the Boom Network.

Do I need to hand over any passwords or other confidential information for my YouTube channel or my other web accounts?

No, we don’t require any such confidential information.

Do I retain the same control over my channel if I partner with Boom?

You retain full ownership and control over your channel and content when you are a part of Boom. You’ll also have the same visibility over your analytics and dashboard that you currently have as we utilise the YouTube CMS.

What information do you need from me?

To put you in the best possible position to stand out to brands we need all the information you can give us. For example, your audience make-up (unique viewers, age, gender, etc), your upload schedule, your social media account names & stats, your content policies, what kinds of work with brands you’re comfortable with and from what kinds of advertisers.

What reporting will I get?

Your regular revenue and channel analytics access will remain. On top of this, Boom reports monthly on all the revenue you’ve earned from all sources. We also send a regular newsletter informing you of what we’re doing on your behalf and sharing some of the network’s best work.

What kinds of brands does Boom work with?

Boom works with large national and global brands in all categories. Recent advertisers include Disney, Lynx, Coca-Cola, Schick, Paramount Pictures, McDonald’s, Electronic Arts & Colgate-Palmolive, to name a few.

Will I still have access to YouTube partner incentives?

Yes. Being part of our network does not affect your access to YouTube partner incentives.

How can I interact with fellow Boomers?

Once you’ve joined the Boom Network you’ll receive a login to the members-only forum on our website, where you’ll be able to hang out with stacks of creators andget updates from the Boom team.

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