VIDinc Recap

We want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who visited us at the Boom booth. If you took any videos or photos, make sure to tag us in them!

We really enjoyed ourselves at the booth and were honoured to have so many superstar Aussie YouTubers appearing there. However, we also want to make sure you guys know that we do understand and share your frustrations about the running of the event on the day. Firstly we’d like to clarify that we were not the event producers at VIDinc; we were sponsors of the event, we had a booth set up in order to showcase the talent we have in the Boom network and we also ran a competition to give away a new Go Pro on the day. If you’d like to get in touch with the event producers to discuss any issues you had with the event producers, they are ‘Urban Agent‘. Alternatively if you’d feel more comfortable speaking with us about your issues you can get in touch at and we will pass on the feedback alongside our own.

A lot of people’s frustrations were about the mega queues and the lack of food & drink facilities available. We went out of our way to help out on both counts, with members of the Boom team fast-tracking hundreds of people by joining the VIDinc team at the ticketing tables to get the fans into the venue as quickly as humanly possible and handing out free bottles of water.

We even helped someone who had lost their wallet get it back. Normally we wouldn’t even be telling you about these small things, but there have been a few complaints directed at us and we thought it was important for you to know we understand and we tried to help as much as we could throughout the event.

We know there were a lot of things that were not ideal, but there were a lot of great people that made us laugh and inspired us as well on the day!

Here’s a few highlights:

The winning entry for our #VRYSHRTFLM competiton:

Keenan Carhill on the mainstage:

Twisted Tim at the Boom Booth:

And here’s a bunch of photos from the event as well:


IMG_1775 IMG_1767

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