VIDinc 2013 Sponsors

If you didn’t already see our Facebook post we’re proud to announce that Boom is the official principal sponsor of VIDinc 2013; the event is being held on the 17th & 18th of August at Sydney Convention & Exhibition Center.

VIDinc is Australia’s Biggest YouTuber Festival with live performances, Q&A sessions, meet & greets, competitions and much more. There will be some absolutely huge international stars appearing, including but not limited to Jenna Marbles (#2 most subscribed channel in the world), NigaHiga (9m subscribers) and Tobuscus (4m) along with a host of home-grown talent including Boom’s very own ChampChong, Jordan Jansen and Neel Kolhatkar – and many more.

With a line-up like this interest among the public is going to be sky-high, but we want to help build the buzz around the event to get as many fans there as possible and really show off to Australia (the public, the media, the advertising community) the amazing talent that’s on YouTube.

We’re looking for members of the Boom Network to create videos in your own individual styles around the event and inviting your audiences to come along, as well as telling your audience about the event via your social networks, whether that be through Twitter/Facebook/Vine/Instagram/Tumblr and so on. Those that create a video & social posts about the event will receive 3 free tickets (1 for you and 2 to give away to fans, friends or family).

Not only will you receive these tickets, the video you create will be sent to a panel of judges and the top three channels will have the opportunity to collaborate in a video with one of the international megastars on the day, as well as receive other prizes including Ultimate and VIP passes.

This is your chance to absolutely shine so be creative! The usual branding guidelines apply so keep it PG (i.e. no swearing or nudity) and as usual if you have any questions on what constitutes PG content please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As VIDinc weekend (17 & 18 August) approaches, we’ll be in touch with more news and ways to get involved, but in the meantime we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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