VIDinc 2013

With VIDinc only a month away it’s shaping up to be an epic event. There’ll be fans galore, more top-drawer YouTube stars than you can shake a stick at and a whole heap of networking to be done. We’re delighted that so many of you are planning to make it along.

As you know, we love getting local creators together, through initiatives like our workshops, hangouts and now VIDinc. And as you guys are deeply connected to the YouTube community, we’d like your help in discovering the next generation of YouTube stars. So, in the few weeks remaining before the event, if you introduce us to any currently unsigned channels who you think would benefit from being part of the Boom community and who make the cut and join Boom before VIDinc weekend, we’ll set you up with a free VIDinc creator workshop pass, valued at $250.

VISinc Workshop

The creator workshop takes place on Saturday 17th August, the day before the main event, and the ticket includes general admission for the Sunday too. There are some great sessions scheduled covering topics that would be useful to any channel of any size, with luminaries such as Devin Super Tramp, Mystery Guitar Man, Veritasium, MegaJam & Alex Williamson among the speakers. You can read more about the schedule on the VIDinc website.

So, if you have any talented friends with channels of their own, just email us and if they join the Network we’ll make sure you get a ticket.*

* Until ticket allocation exhausted

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