In October 2012 Disney wanted to generate buzz for the Australian release of “Frankenweenie”. As is the problem for many movie releases, the movie had already been screened overseas and the global trailers were online three months prior. Disney needed a way to generate buzz and excitement in the local target audience. Boom created a branded content video with Louna Maroun to answer the brief.

Louna created a bespoke music video dedicated to the movie. Our talented influencer not only wrote the lyrics but cast and produced the entire video on her own. A unique cast of talent consisted of other YouTube channels. This created mass social amplification on release, resulting in top trending video in twitter and over 200 retweets. Over 70,000 views but most of all, almost 97% likes – YouTube’s universal seal of approval.

Louna won YouTube’s 2012 next vlogger contest. The only Australian to do so on a global scale. Louna’s unique style and charm has seen her build a loyal audience of over 100,000 subscribers across 4 channels.

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