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Author: Amanda Galletta, Video Sales Executive at Boom Video

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 4.23.20 PMThe consumption of online video in Australia is growing with 12.5 million Australians streaming online videos; in May this year alone Australians spent an average of 6.49 hours watching online videos. This is an immense leap from 11.2 million Australians streaming online videos only five months prior in January according to Nielsen’s online landscape review. This is why it’s essential to be active in online video marketing and introduce a content strategy to your online marketing mix.

In the month of January 2013:
* 11.2 million Australians streamed online videos
* A grand total of 1.86 billion streams were viewed
* 4.5 billion minutes were spent streaming content
* On average, Australians spent 6 hours and 45 minutes watching online video and viewed 165 streams.

In the month of May 2013:
* 12.5 million Australians streamed online videos
* A grand total of 1.75 billion streams were viewed
* 5.12 billion minutes were spent streaming content
* On average, Australians spent 6 hours and 49 minutes watching online video and viewed 140 streams.

With the adoption of mobile and tablet devices, consumers consistently have entertainment at their fingertips, allowing them to engage with video content at any time. Mobile and tablet devices have also enhanced the connectivity Australians have with their friends, families and even brands. By combining video marketing with social media you have opened the door to a channel of creativity and dialogue with your audience.

According to YouTube Insights Oct 2013, online video can create an immersive online experience building strong connections with your audience. Consumers are becoming more receptive to online video marketing with 61% of viewers taking action after watching a video on YouTube that advocates a product or service. Online video is encouraging audience interaction and allowing your brand message to be promoted by your fans; with this in mind alone it is easy to see why this should be part of your online video marketing strategy.

So what does this mean for brands?

Brands are engaging with their audiences on YouTube by creating storytelling content that will provoke a discussion about your product – long form content provides consumers with the choice to engage with brands, thus enhancing audience participation. According to YouTube the audience will not just watch your videos; 3 in 4 YouTube users agree ‘If there is a brand I love, I tend to tell everyone about it’. Brand stories can create contagious ideas that connect with audiences, driving them to discuss your message. Authentic videos also have the ability to create an emotional response that will compel the audience to share your video amplifying your campaign.

How do you ensure visibility of your brand message?

Bring stardom to your online video marketing strategy by collaborating with popular YouTube personalities who are known in the space you want your message to be heard in. These content creators have built enormous audiences by sharing their experiences, thoughts and passions through online video content. YouTube stars create a two-way conversation by talking to their audience on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and various other social platforms. They have developed a connection with their audience, constructing an interactive social community that makes them highly valuable to brands.

What’s next- the triple threat?

To discover how to unite video marketing, social media and influencers into a lethal mix against your competitors content take a glimpse at Reap What You Sow With Video Seeding.


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