B&T: Boom Video booms

superwog-1YouTube partner network Boom Video has received more than 66 million video views on its channels since it launched in October.

Boom Network develops Australian YouTube content creators and links them with brands to help commercialise their activities.

Boom currently has 250 YouTube channels, including the Simple Cooking Channel, consumer technology channel AppChat and gaming channel HaydzProductions, which have all seen their subscriber numbers grow.

Boom has also added 140 new YouTubers to its network, including Superwog, The Gamer Sheep and TwoAwesomeGamers.

Tim Cooper, strategy and operations director for appchat_1Boom, said: “Brands are increasingly looking to connect with audiences through video online and the Boom Network has become an ideal way for advertisers to reach engaged communities.

“The nature of YouTube means these videos are shared, commented upon and responded to – making social video a really strong way for brands to connect to the consumer.”


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