AdNews: Boom Video goes Native with the YouTube generation

20 Aug 2013 - Frank Chung

boomvideo1_featAustralian YouTube partner network Boom Video, which represents more than 300 Australian YouTube channels with three million subscribers across the network, has kicked off a content arm in the vein of Machinima and Maker Studios called Boom Natives.

Launching today, the production studio will work with Boom’s talent to help increase audience and monetise their content, as well as create its own digital channels and IP, social content strategies for brands and multi-platform solutions for TV networks.

Newly appointed creative director Charlie Leahy will head up the new division. Leahy, who starts his role on 1 September, was previously head of content for Ensemble Branded Entertainment, where he produced content for brands including Microsoft, KFC, MasterCard and ING Direct. He has also worked at Zodiak Media, Endemol, and BSkyB.

Leahy told AdNews Boom Natives would help Boom’s talent by giving them opportunities to connect with brands and commercialise their content, as well as offering back-end support for driving engagement and growing their audience. “Boom Natives for us is about getting good ideas off the ground, forming partnerships with people who have good ideas, and helping bridge the gap between those talented people and brands,” he said.

He added that current multi-screen content offered by the TV networks in Australia was lacking, and a big part of Boom Natives’ offer would be around social TV and second-screen content. “With, say, a big talent or reality show, at the moment they create a lot of content – maybe a backstage behind-the-scenes video – but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. What we can offer is the ability to make that experience far more engaging, much larger in the online space.”

Boom Video commercial director Spiro Pissas said in a release: “Creating authentic social content is one of the biggest challenges for brands and their agencies. We’ve been partnering with the real experts in this space for the past three years – the online celebrities who have built their own fanbases from their bedrooms and home studios. Boom Natives will support Australia’s YouTube talent to professionalise their activities, and help brands work with these digital natives to create super-social content.”

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