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Australian gaming news and community hub, Stevivor.com has been an active leader in the Australian gaming community since 2009 and has the title of iiNet Australia’s TopGeek 2.0. Here is our Q&A with Steve Wright the creator and editor of Stevivor & member of the Boom Network.

What inspired you to start a blog?

I actually came to Australia for a working holiday way back in 2001, and Stevivor.com was meant to be a travel blog that lasted for about a year. Then, I decided to stay in the country, and little by little, my humble little site turned into a respected Australian video game news and community hub. I’m still not quite sure how that happened.

How long have you been actively blogging?
I was editor of my high school newspaper for two years, wrote for my University newspaper for four more after that and have been active on Stevivor.com and various other Australian since then. I feel old now.

What do you think is key to engaging with your fans?
Without question, quality content… though, quantity doesn’t hurt either. As a video game website, we get to cover quite a lot, from the various consoles out there, to developers and publishers. There’s always something to write. On top of that, Stevivor.com has a very healthy media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. Fans will engage with you pretty quickly, as long as you’re actually talking to them and actively seek a reply.

When you look back at all of your blog posts is there a post that you are specifically proud of?
I’ve written about 4,000 posts on the site, so it’s hard to choose… but there’s nothing like breaking news and having outlets from all over the globe then jump on it. It gives you an amazing natural high that you just can’t help but try to chase again.

Do you actively communicate with others who blog about similar topics and themes? Anyone you would like to shout out to?
There’s a massive community in Australia, and thankfully we’re all pretty friendly. Shoutout-wise, I’ve got an amazing second in command in Leo Stevenson, podcast co-hosts Ben Salter and Gaetano Prestia and a mentor in Vooks.net’s Daniel Vuckovic.

If you could interview or collaborate anyone who would it be?
Steve Yzerman, the former captain of the Detroit Red Wings. It really has nothing to do with video games… but I as a Canadian, I love ice hockey. He’s my hero.

How do you handle people who post negative comments on your blog posts? Any tips?
As clichéd as it is, you really have to ignore the trolls.

If you had to choose a favourite console of all time, what would it be?
I got back into gaming hard with the Xbox 360. Microsoft really tapped into the obsessive compulsive in me with its Achievements system. I’m only 3,000 gamerscore away from 200,000… and I plan on hitting that milestone before the launch of the Xbox One in November.

The gaming community is one that is always after new content. What do you find is the most highly sought after in terms of content? (reviews, news etc..)
Right now, it’s all about next-gen console news; people can’t get enough of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. We also really try to bring quite a bit of Australian news to our readers, for obvious reasons.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why everyone reading this should read your blog.
Simply put, Stevivor.com is your one-stop shop for video game news, reviews, previews, opinions, contents and way much more from trusted and respected Australian authors.

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