Daily Telegraph: Chloe Morello shares her make-up tips

28 November, 2013

“Being a part of the Virgin Mobile Game of Phones campaign is one of the highlights of my career to date, I owe it all to Boom Video and am so pleased with how they represented me and helped me through the process”

Chloe Morello


Chloe Morello

WITH the right foundation, Chloe Morello has managed to make a life for herself by giving make-up tips.

Ms Morello, 22, from Chatswood has more than 480,000 people subscribed to her YouTube channel, and more than 25 million views in the past year-and-a-half.

The self-confessed make-up obsessive, who loves sharing her tips with women, said she had been into make-up since she was four years old.

“I was always trying out new methods and I wanted to share them,” she said. “I feel really connected to women and make-up lovers around the world.”

Ms Morello’s YouTube tutorials offer tips on how to do everything from smoky eyes to bright lips.

She also does videos on skin care routines, her favourite products, hair and fashion. She started making the YouTube videos full-time in February this year, and since then has worked on campaigns with Pleasure State and L’Oreal.

Most recently she was cast in a commercial for Virgin Mobile Australia’s Game of Phones , a virtual world through a mobile app game where hipsters slay accountants, vegetarians ambush butchers and daddy’s little princesses cross their BFF to stake their claim on a prize.

Summer makeup tips:

“Less is more. Just nice clean make-up with minimal product on your face. Don’t layer up. Just use some BB cream and mascara and make sure you have nicely groomed eyebrows and you will look fresh,” she said.


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