Boom Natives – Boom Launches Production Business

September 10, 2013

We’re incredibly excited to be able to tell you about our production studio division, Boom Natives. Production capabilities are something that the Boom community has been asking for and we also see a real need for a team that can help brands get the most out of the online video space. For many brands, working with video influencers, or “natives” as they’re increasingly becoming known, is new to them so Boom Natives will not only recommend which creators to work with, but also be able to help with the production of that content. Additionally, Boom Natives will help brands and TV networks find talent to use in their own videos as well as create its own channels & content and help Boom creators make the best possible content as often as possible.


So, who is the Boom Natives team?

Right now, there are 3 highly experienced production pros in the team. Heading it up is Charlie Leahy, who many of you would have seen speak at our Sydney & Melbourne creator workshops in March. (He’s the guy who’s obsessed with pirates.) Charlie has over 15 years of experience in TV & web production, including projects such as The Gap Year on Bebo and the award-winning web drama Kirill on MSN. Charlie is joined by Head of Production Sara Flanagan and Producer Sean O’Reilly, who between them bring experience from Virgin Media, the ABC, Telstra and Turner Broadcasting. Last but by no means least, Emma Barnes, who you are all very familiar with, has joined the team to make sure our channels get the most out of Boom Natives. With such a heavyweight team in place you can see why we’re so excited?

What does this mean for Boom’s creators?

Boom Natives is working hard on bringing more branded content opportunities to Boom creators, working directly with brands, creative agencies and even TV networks, pitching your talent and the power of your influence within your communities. This will lead to more exciting opportunities for many of the channels in the network, both as talent in videos made by and for brands and by working with brands in your own content.

Over the coming weeks we will be giving you more details on exactly what Boom Natives encompasses but in the meantime please let us know if you have specific questions.

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  1. Profile photo of Eli Dangerfield Eli Dangerfield says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait guys! :’)

  2. Cynthia Su says:

    loving what I hear

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