5 minutes with Wengie

Wengie is a beauty guru, fashonista & musician who actively communicates with her receptive audience via her well known blog and her three YouTube channels (Her main channelmusic channel and vlog channel). Her audience raves about her down to earth personality and inspiring feminine style.

Here is our Q&A with Wengie, a proud member of the Boom Network.

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What inspired you to start sharing your skills online?
I noticed a lot of my friends like to approach me for fashion or beauty advice so I decided that doing it online means I can reach and help more people which I love doing!

How long have you been actively blogging & vlogging?
I have been actively blogging for about a year and a half now, but used to do it sporadically since high school more for personal purposes like keeping your own diary, but I started to type faster then I wrote. And I started my YouTube channel seriously in Feb this year :)

Who are your top 5 favourite International bloggers?
My 5 favourite bloggers and vloggers have to be bubzbeauty because I love her happy and pleasant nature and how she’s always really refreshing to watch , xiaxue, because she’s achieved so much as a blogger and also shown me that blogging about yourself is in fact a real possible job. Ray William Johnson for building his =3 empire and also his production career and I’ve loving what he is doing with his runawayplanet channel. CutiePieMarzia for being an inspiration for me aesthetically, I love her beautifully edited videos and DIY’s. and last but not least Michelle Phan for paving the way for beauty bloggers and her entrepreneurial nature while approaching it!
Are there any milestones that you are aiming for?
My first milestone is really hitting the 100k mark :)! I’m plodding along slowly and steadily so I’ll be really excited when I reach it!

What do you think is the hottest look or trend at the moment?
I don’t usually follow trends but they slowly influence me anyways. I like to take a more subdued approach to trends and combine it with simple and basics. However I’m really loving the bolded print shirts and sweaters (very prominent in Japan)

It’s no secret that most ladies have a product they struggle to use. What do you think is the most difficult product to use?
Personally I have the most trouble with false lashes. I love long thick lashes but have always had a bad run with eyelash extensions (I find them so uncomfortable) as well as actual false lashes (they feel thick heavy and fall off and make me miserable). My everyday looks tend to be without mascara or lashes since I also have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes.

What is the most common question you get asked about your videos?
Probably what contact lens I’m wearing :) I love circle lenses because they make my eyes bright and big. I also try and choose ones that look more natural too :)

Do you have any special talents that your fans might not know about?
I am pretty alright at fighting games. In fact I took out the street fighter 4 championship at my work and can probably play better than the average guy :). Challenges accepted!

Have you ever met some of your fans in real life? What was the experience like?
I’ve met a few, and it was great. I’m not the type that would want that many crowding around me since I’m normally quiet and reserved unless I know you well. So the times I’ve been able to meet a few 1 on 1 have been great :) I treat them more like new friends then fans. There are also a few that have asked for photos then disappeared from my life too so those have made me feel special :) Thank you!

What inspires your looks and style? Are there any icons or influences in particular?
I love vintage french interiors!! I know it’s weird to have home wares and interior design affect your fashion and beauty but I love anything that alludes to that style. I also love reading ViVi magazine (a Japanese magazine)  for fashion ideas as well as watch a lot of k-pop and Korean beauty shows for my makeup ideas.

Do you have any tips for people who aspire to get be a vlogger?
The one tip and most important is to be committed and not to underestimate the workload. Editing and filming videos is actually quite time consuming and I get really frustrated when people think it’s just “fun and games”. When you are truly committed you’ll find it’s more like a possible career/path and skill to be involved in and you should approach it that way too if you want to be truly successful at it.

How do you handle people who post negative comments on your blog posts or videos? Any tips?
There are a few types of negative comments – constructive criticism and rude malicious comments. I delete the latter and thank the authors of the former privately. I feel that putting up with ridiculous behavior online will just breed more of that behavior and make it seem ok, when it isn’t and it’s really hurtful. If someone can do it to me then they can do the same to all the other hard working vloggers out there and it makes me angry. Not to be tolerated.

In fact I read a blogpost about this one day and it made a lot of sense. Your blog and your channels are like your house. You look after it and you invite people in to your house and make the rules. It’s up to you if you want to keep the party in control or let it spiral out of control. I’m all for freedom of speech but I surely don’t want rude and thoughtless people hanging out in my house. It will affect the experience of everyone else that’s just there to have some fun.

What do you think is the most rewarding part of being a blogger & a YouTuber?
The most rewarding part is hearing that something you have shared with them has improved their life. For example some girls comment on my videos that my diet tips have motivated them to eat more healthy and lose weight and feel better about themselves. That really makes everything worth it in the end, if I can help someone improve their life. That’s what drives me :) Also having an audience also makes you feel great as well, can’t lie about that :)

What do you think is key to engaging with your fans?
The key is to try and spend as much time with them as possible. I can understand that once your blog or channel grows to a certain level it’ll be hard to reach out and respond as often as you can but even picking a few each month to get to know can make them feel special and make a world of difference to them. Just do it regularly and as often as you can :)

Please tell us in one sentence only, why everyone reading this should read your blog and subscribe to your channel.
Well if you’re a guy, you may not be interested in my content but if you’ve ever wanted to lose weight, feel better and look better my channel and blog has lots of tips that can help you eat healthier and there are also a few cooking videos in there too now :) Also makeup ideas and style ideas for the girls :)

I guess I will say, just check it out anyways and if it’s for you please subscribe if not then that’s fine I hope that we meet again someday :)

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