5 Minutes With Elephant’s Laundry

Elephant’s Laundry are an up and coming indie pop-rock band based in Sydney, Australia. Here is our Q&A with Logan the Lead Vocalist & Dylan the Lead Guitarist of Elephant’s Laundry; proud members of the Boom Network.

What inspired you to start a YouTube channel?
Logan: I made my first youtube channel when I was 14 back in 2005 when YouTube first started, I remember I thought it was amazing when I first discovered the site. Just the idea of sharing videos with my family and friends online was so exciting to me. And after I discovered all the talent on YouTube it inspired me to start making my own content. I’ve had several channels since then.
Dylan: Logan has been making films on youtube since he was about 14 so the idea just naturally formed that we’d make a youtube channel for our band and post videos of pretty much everything on there. It was also a good way for fans to build a relationship to the band by seeing what we’re really like and to not perceive us as just another “band.”

What is your creative process like?
Dylan: Our creative process is pretty much just having an idea of what we’re ment to be talking about, sitting down infront of the camera and just being natural.
That’s where the majority of the crazy and funny stuff come to life.

Does everyone have a specific role in the process? (besides the performance)
Dylan: As Logan is a former film student he does all the editing. And I just act crazy in front of the camera.

What do you do when you aren’t creating videos?

Logan: I guess I sort of live by YouTube, when I’m not making videos for YouTube, I’m recording in the studio, or playing live gigs with the band or on set shooting either in front of the camera or behind the camera.
Dylan: I work full time at the studio and then when I’m not working I’m normally found playing guitar or piano and singing.

What are you all most thankful for?
Dylan: I’m very thankful for the up bringing my parents gave me. They always allowed me to follow my dreams.

If you could interview or collaborate anyone who would it be?
Logan: I think I’d have to say Shane Dawson or Smosh, they are definitely the YouTubers I have been watching the longest and I have watched them grow over the years.

When you look back at all of your videos to date is there a video in particular
that you are specifically proud of?
Dylan: I’m super duper proud of our Music Video for “Room On Fire” because it was the first music video.

Do you have any special talents that your fans might not know about?
Dylan: I’ve always been a rather sporty guy. I skate, surf and play representative soccer and football.

Have you ever met some of your fans in real life? What was the experience like?
Logan: We have organized a dozen meet and greets with the fans and before every live show we do we go out and say hi to our fans. When we played at Metro, this was quite difficult as we needed to get inside for a sound check and around 500 people were waiting outside. It was pretty exciting and overwhelming.

Since you started your channel your life has obviously changed, was it difficult to get the courage to start a channel?
Logan: When I first started my YouTube channel in 2005 I spoke in a very bad American accent because I was too shy to be myself. Over the years I’ve gotten more confident in front of the camera and I think that’s honestly thanks to starting on YouTube and getting use to both negative and positive comments.

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