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British-born expat, Russell VJ Ward relocated to Australia in search of a different life. One of Australia’s best travel bloggers, Russell created his blog – In Search of a Less Ordinary Life with the intention of sharing his experience and the good and bad of travelling and relocating. The result: a “less ordinary” blog with a mind-blowing success. He has over 12,500 followers on Twitter only and thousands more on Facebook and other social media platforms.

His story began in the heart of England, but his exploring tendency took him in 2003 for a short while to Canada, where he was seeking new adventures and a healthier way of life. He finally ended up in Sydney, where everything seems to find meaning for him, as this is the place he can finally call home. This adventure was definitely not an easy road, and this is what gave birth to this blog – the need to tell his adventures, to tell his readers about the good and bad he found on the way, to share his passion for living life to the fullest.

From this to his blog becoming a huge success there were only a few steps. His blog was a finalist in the Best Australian Blogs competition in 2012 and he has collaborated with and promoted lots of travel and lifestyle organizations, such as: Yellow Pages, Sony, Ford, Western Union, Canadian Tourism Commission and many more.

Russell finally found the life less ordinary he was looking for and won a lot of awards and prizes on the way, all for his spectacular journey and the wonderful way he managed to put it into words.

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