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At the age of 29, Glen Foreman from Perth, Western Australia has been blogging for 2 years now, since 2011. His contact with journalism came a long time ago though, as he is a writer, journalist, sportsman and also a family man. FFPress was created as a way to put together and express all his passions, but also out of some frustrations he gathered while working in the mainstream media.

He was a sports writer when he discovered that media was ignoring some great athletes and their achievement, just because the sport they were practicing was not football. He understood the reasons, but he wanted to do something to change the situation and this is how FFPress was born. This gave him the freedom to express himself creatively and without restrictions.

FFPress – ForemanFreePress is a homage to Glen’s favorite writer, Mitch Albom, and covers topics from sport to life and also the progress of his late father’s biography.

Starting 2013, FFPress has been expanding and Glen started including several contributors to the website, managing to access more niche subjects this way.

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