Matthew Vandeputte


Matthew is a Belgian film editor that specializes in hyperlapse and timelapse photography. 

He travels around the globe to produce footage for some of the world’s biggest productions. 
Recently he has worked for companies like Untitled Film Works, Epic Cinema and Final Kid, that took him on location to the USA, Israel, Germany, Australia and more.
After moving to Sydney last year he edited a selection of his footage into a ‘2013 motion timelapse showreel’, which hit 300,000 views in a single day and has since crossed the million views.
Today Matthew is working on a freelance basis with Sydney as his hometown.

Melissa Findley

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 5.00.49 pm

Melissa Findley is a self-taught photographer who’s found a heart and a home in Melbourne. With the click of a button, she captures moments, feelings and moods like no other. Always inspired. Always learning. When Melissa’s not behind the camera though, you’ll find her hanging out with her friends, boyfriend or her cat, sipping coffee and eating chocolate! Either way, no words are needed because her story is told through images. Open your eyes to life through her eyes.

Nathan White


It is rare to find Nathan without camera in hand. When he’s not up before
dawn chasing that perfect sunrise he is formulating a plan of attack for his
next shot.

Nathan is a travel & landscape photographer with a strong love of the natural world and a keen eye for composition. After 11 years in the IT industry, Nathan made the life changing decision to start afresh in Tourism. As a result of the diverse career change, he became increasingly fascinated and left in awe by the beautiful imagery that is used in destination marketing. Shortly thereafter he bought his first camera and started his addiction, as do all photographers, to ‘chasing the best light’.

Having always lived in Central Queensland, Nathan is very passionate about travelling in and promoting this area of Australia to the world, through his photography. Nathan also has strong Christian beliefs and is constantly inspired by the vivid beauty and design in God’s creation.

Nathan’s work has been featured in Qantas inflight magazines, statewide tourism marketing campaigns and billboards, and has captured the attention of world renowned landscape photographers.

Nathan has built a strong fan base on Google+ where he has one of largest profiles in Australia with over 100,000 followers.

Shavonne Wong


Shavonne Wong is a photographer based in Singapore. Three years ago, she managed to finish her Final Year Project two months earlier than everyone which left her with a lot of free time and no friends available. Out of sheer boredom one day, she picked up a fashion magazine, flipped through the pages while admiring the photos and thought to herself, “Why not?”

Thus began her foray into photography and right from the start, she knew that Fashion Photography held a special place in her heart. Fashion Photography presented to her a kind of stylized portraiture where her ideas can belong while at the same time providing her with the freedom to explore whatever she wanted. As a fashion photographer, her field of specialization functions as an avenue for her to express and cultivate this interest, specifically in producing images that capture the heart, soul and character of a person beyond that of the outward appearance. It also gives her the chance to work with other amazingly talented people while photographing exquisite clothing and gorgeous models. Of course, she was introduced to other forms of photography along the way and learnt to appreciate and love them too.

While studying 3D animation was something she thoroughly enjoyed, she was won over by the sense of instant gratification which photography gave her. She loves how within a split second press of the camera button, everything comes together and a moment is captured, leaving her in wondrous awe. The allure of a photograph, and how it manages to draw people in with its timeless beauty never fails to amaze her. She hopes to never lose this sense of wonderment and to continue capturing moments that never fade with time.

Monique Welker

Monique Welker

In April 2011 Monique joined Pinterest in attempt to streamline her addiction to collecting and finally clear her computer desktop of the many inspiration folders had accumulated over her years working as a Graphic Designer. Today, Monique has a loyal following of over 700,000 Pinterest followers (Top 10 in Australia) whom she feeds daily with a mix of design, typography and recipe finds.

Monique is a passionate freelance Graphic Designer with over 10 years in the industry. She has a passion for typography as well as all things food and cooking. Monique is incapable of reading a menu without guessing the font used and is known to have baked her own ‘font’ cookies in her spare time.

Monique is constantly inspired by the world around her and passionate about finding new creative talent to share with her pinterest following, on her blog The Sunday Best, and to her twitter followers.

Vince Ong


Being an amateur photographer himself, Vince has transformed his life to an exploration for images and his passion and fondness at heart has made him a great nature photographer. Vince started exploring photography back in 2012 but has since proved that even with his minimal experience he can create stunning photographs that gain a lot of attention on social networking websites.

In his own words: “Passion is the key to the great success. If you love what you have been doing then you should keep on going. Photography is what I am devoted to and it is where I spend my time away from work, exploring true images through my lens.”

With the pre-release of Google+, Vince was one of the earliest members to join the social network. To date, he has over 39,000 followers on Google+ and has topped the Top 20 most followed Google+ users in Singapore. Based on the statistics in CircleCount, he acquired The Cream of the Crop in July 2012.

In Google+, with his interests in shallow depth of field photography, Vince curates daily photography themes “Daily Depth Of Field” where people around the social network can share their photos with shallow depth of field and made connection. Some of his friends on Google+ has nicknamed him “Mr D.O.F” for being a crazy shooter of depth of field.

Outside the world of photography, Vince works in service desk support in Singapore.

Emma Illies


With over 426,000 followers, Emma is one of the largest social networkers in Australia and is also ranked 21st Inspirational tweeter in the world. Her motto is “Believe and Achieve” and “Trying to enrich people’s lives one tweet at a time” and she does just that. She predominately tweets motivational quotes, encouraging tweets and various humorous moments that continue to inspire, motivate and encourage her large following.

Emma’s popularity on Twitter has lead to many opportunities, such as being asked to be a motivational speaker in both the South pacific and America. Several advertising companies have approached her and she is an advocate of supporting campaigns such as #HelpSpreadThis promoting awareness to stop child abuse and many other causes that touch her heart. Her down to earth, highly humorous nature is not only contagious but endearing, earning her wide acclaim and a loyal following in the Twitter sphere.

Emma works in the travel industry & as a motivational speaker. She is also currently finishing writing her 1st book and looking forward to beginning her 2nd.

Craig Loxley


Arriving in Sydney an hour before sunrise, setting up for a photo shoot, listening to the silence in the biggest city in Australia. This is where Craig Loxley is happiest. Busy and vibrant during the day…. quiet and peaceful in the wee hours of the morning. You will often find him wandering around the bush in Berowra or hanging around by the water in Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River.

Having worked in accounting for over 20 years, Craig acquired a passion for photography late in 2012. He has spent time over the last 15 years travelling with his family through Asia, North America, Europe and Australia; sadly most of this traveling occoured before he had learned to use a camera to its full potential.

Photography is Craig’s escape from the stresses of life and work. It has opened his eyes to the world around him and allows him to see things in different way.

Stephan Bollinger


Stephan Bollinger is a photographer, producer and educator, originally from Switzerland, now calling Australia home. His clients range from private customers, models and designers to advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers.

Beside his work as photographer, he teaches photography workshops, writes articles for a variety of publications, produces and hosts the photography show “10 from the couch“, and produced the popular YouTube video “Models Are Made”.

With over 1.6 million followers on Google+, Bollinger has become one of the most followed and influential Australian personalities on Social Media.

Julia Harwood

Julia Harwood

Julia is a photographer with over 20 years experience and is proud to say that she “worked in the days of films and darkrooms.” Julia has in excess of 25,000 active followers on G+ and also runs a website where she send out newsletters once a month to over 300 people.

Julia currently has work for sale in art galleries and exhibitions. She is also the head Photo Coach for Digital-Photo-Secrets “Dash” program. A new Dash is run each month and so far they are getting in excess of 700 participants in each Dash.

Her true passion is nature and landscape photography and due to this she spends 4-6 months a year traveling around Australia with her family in their motor home. As a photo coach she has a great deal of skill across all areas of photography, however she is happiest when she is out in nature.