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Even if you are a full time mom with 2 children aged 4 and 7, your passions keep coming out and there’s no point in fighting them. This is what Louana from Auckland, New Zealand said to herself when she decided to start her own blog, NZ Green Buttons, in 2009.

This started out as a way for her to document her attempts and try to make others live a happier life. Now she has an impressive number of followers and her blog posts regarding sewing and up cycling clothes are an inspiration for many, making them act now and forget about the sad parts of life. Two of her tutorials, “wrist pin cushion” tutorial and “rustic bird feeder”, have reached the entire green community from NZ, something she never thought it would happen.

Louana also likes to do reviews of local products, this way spreading the word out to others in order to help them and the entire local community. She reviewed a tea from a small local manufacturer and she does this often for Baker’s Delight, as she is a big fan of baking, along with her two children.

NZ post Children’s book awards managed to get her to join their Social Media team and she had a significant contribution to the event, which made her very happy. We’re looking forward to more of the same!

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