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With a no-holds barred approach to Malaysian cooking, and quite possibly the most extensive and varied repertoire of Malaysian street food found anywhere in the world, Jackie M has been sharing her passion for Malaysian cuisine with Australians for nearly 15 years.

Known for her platinum pixie-cut and no-nonsense attitude, Jackie is one of the foremost experts in the ancient techniques and classic flavours of Malaysian cooking; putting theory into practice on a daily basis and serving up some of the most authentic Malaysian food you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing. In 2001 Jackie made the life-changing decision to ditch her IT career and follow in the footsteps of her street-food vendor parents and hasn’t looked back since.

Recreating the complex flavours that defined the cuisine of her childhood and expanding her repertoire exponentially through fastidious research – and plenty of trial and error – Jackie M was a regular feature at farmers’ markets around Sydney through most of the noughties. Jackie opened her eponymous restaurant in 2006 and, since making the decision to close in 2012 has turned her focus to celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, food festivals, presenting and publishing.

Jackie M has a desire to bring global recognition to the vibrant food scene that makes Malaysia so unique and bring Malaysian street food into kitchens across Australia. She is equally proud of her country of birth, Malaysia, her adopted country of Australia and her Hakka-Chinese descent. Jackie also has a keen interest in languages, speaking eight at last count.

Jackie is the 2nd most followed Google+ account in Australia with a following of 1.5 million users.

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