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Liz is one of the most important figures in the Australian cooking world with more prizes than you can count (she can count them though). She’s an excellent writer, featured in important magazines like “Stop Hunger, Start Cooking” and “Vegetarian Cookbook”, columnist at The Canberra Chronicle for 10 years and winner of the South Australian Writers’ Centre Food Blog food writing competition 2013.

She always had a thing for cooking, ever since she was little, as she states on her website. She learned a lot from her mother and now she likes giving something back to the community, but there’s much more to it. With over a reach of over 4 million users via Triberr and an Alexa ranking of number one food blogger in the ACT, we can definitely say that she has a strong fan base. The fans were attracted by her extraordinary recipes, tips and tricks about home cook meals. Everything is done using fresh and seasonal products and nothing goes to waste. She brings together a mixture of people, like housewives who just want to learn how to cook, but also chefs or journalist who adore her incredible skills.

“Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things is a treasure trove of knowledge for both the expert and amateur foodie.” –
Sumptuous magazine

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