Nail Girl


Nail Girl is a beauty blog launched by Lexie in 2012. The initial focus on nail polish has now extended to skincare and makeup as the founder’s interests grew.

Lexie is a 20-something year old beauty blogger currently in her last year of university. Born in Indonesia to a Filipina mother and New Zealander father, she lived there for six years before subsequently moving to the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Singapore. Growing up with an international lifestyle has lent Lexie a unique worldview, and a taste for every kind of food. Other than her passion for nail art and beauty, Lexie is an avid bookworm, photographer and equestrian.

Beauty Butterfly 89


Stevie has been part of the ever-growing YouTube beauty community for over 5 years. Stevie created Beautybutterfly89 to inspire millions of other girls to make them feel more confident. Her Blog & YouTube feature anything and everything makeup and skincare related.

Creativity is a passion Stevie loves to share with her audience; each makeup look she creates is something is rather unique that captivates everyone who watches her tutorials.

Stevie has a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Stevie’s skin is just like a butterflies wing, even though this plays a major part in her life nothing stops her from enjoying and sharing her massive passion for beauty.

Stevie has also been featured in a few well-known magazines including “Grazia” from the Netherlands.

The Selfie Style

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 12.13.31 pm is a blog written by Tatiana Ceballos. She shows her obsessions in the world of fashion and style, helping people to look their best! This experienced digital marketing specialist has written blog posts for Australian and New Zealand’s brands like: Number One Shoes, WhoA! Women’s health of Australia, Ezibuy, MitoQ, among others.

Her blogging career started two years ago as a way to share her fashion sense, to inspiring people that believe dressing up is a nightmare, sharing tips about what to wear and where to find great outfits. Her purpose is: Inspire people to find their style and to love your “Selfie”.

Kimba Likes

Kimba Likes pink black white

Kimba is a beauty junkie with a passion for fashion and a zest for fun. Kimba is a personal stylist and shopper extraordinaire with the belief that you can be stylish on any budget.  An expat Kiwi, Kimba is married to the Welshman and mama to 10 year old Boyo.  In her former life, Kimba was an Executive Assistant and Office Manager.

Kimba loves the confidence that comes with being 40 and fabulous, and knowing her own style.  Showcasing her everyday style on her popular social media channels, Kimba delights when followers tell her they’ve shopped her style, tried her tips and tricks, and love the results.  Kimba’s readers trust her judgment and love to share laughs!

On Kimba Likes, you will find everything from fashion tips, style guides, shopping suggestions and beauty reviews, to family adventures, movie reviews and easy peasy lemon squeezy recipes.

Stopping by Kimba Likes is like catching up with a great friend. You’ll get honesty, advice, ideas and a laugh or two – all delivered with the sass and sparkle that is Kimba herself.

Kimba Likes was named as a Top 40 Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger for the Kidspot Voices of 2014 blogging competition.

Nicole Cooper

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 2.02.32 pm

Nicole Cooper is a professional photographer, retoucher and filmmaker currently residing in Sydney. Nicole specialises in fashion, lifestyle centric photography and has been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands including Vogue Australia, Louis Vuitton, Witchery, Candice Lake, Asos & Westfield.


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.28.18 pm

Wengie is an Aussie-Asian beauty and lifestyle blogger/vlogger from Sydney Australia. Wengie is a huge believer is in the power that positive thinking can have on your everyday life; her videos aim to brighten up the day of her viewers.

Her channel focuses on sharing skincare and cosmetics tips, tutorials and reviews using products primarily from from Korea and Japan. Her channel also features tutorials to achieve celebrity inspired looks, tips for healthy dieting, recipes she loves & motivational videos (these videos can be found on one of her side channels ‘LifeOfWengie’).

Sharon Makeup Artist

With nearly 8 years of professional makeup artistry under her belt, Sharon’s obsession with all things beauty related and a passion for teaching, starting a YouTube Channel & Blog was a no brainer.

Three years later and she has grown her fan base to over 65,000 and has cultivated a loyal and vibrant community of makeup junkies. Mainly focusing on in depth makeup tutorials, Sharon also features products reviews and hauls with some tag videos and vlogs thrown in for fun.

Sharon’s fans appreciate her honest and natural approach –  not one to shy away from saying what she really thinks her viewers can always expect honest and authentic reviews, and because of that she has built a strong and trusting relationship with them.

Sharon is always keen to try out new products and share exciting new finds with her viewers.

Nailed It NZ

Nailed It NZ

Jessie or NailedItNZ as she’s known on YouTube & her Blog is a New Zealander who’s just a little bit addicted to painting ridiculously intricate designs on her fingernails.She began making videos to teach people how to do nail art.

Jessies expertise in her craft leads her to regularly get asked questions such as “where do you buy your ____?” “What’s your favourite brand of nail polish?” and “Where’s the best place to shop online?” I often get comments on product reviews saying “Omg I’m buying this right now!!” or “This is awesome, I’m definitely buying it!” demonstrating the influence she has in the beauty world.

Beauty & Lace

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 2.20.47 PM

Beauty and Lace is one of Australia’s largest online magazines for ladies; and covers everything that matters to the modern day woman such as product reviews, lifestyle articles, fashion features, book reviews, entertainment pieces and all things eco – Just to name a few things.



Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.21.58 AM

Cecylia is an entrepreneur woman who turned from veterinarian to fashion blogger – how cool is that? From her home in Melbourne she’s trying to teach women all over the world different types of makeup and what to wear in order to look perfect.

She’s been around the world and, fortunately for us, she made tons of videos from the most important sites. On her channel you’ll find short clips from different fashion weeks, but at the same time you’ll see her at Disneyland, dinner parties and even singing covers of well-known songs.

Fabulous, perfect, beautiful… and she makes it all seem so effortless.”