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Family, Parenting & Health

There’s much more to this world than we can see and that’s why we have Claudia here: to show us the right path in life and teach us about the difference between good and evil.

Mother of three children, she lives in Christchurch, NZ – the name is quite suggestive, giving us an idea to what is going on in the city. This is a small, but strong community of spiritual and faithful people who love the simple things in life. Claudia is trying to pass to others what she was taught by them, but at the same time she is presenting her own feelings about family life and how we should love each other more.

She has also covered important events as natural disasters and that made her a very important part of the community, so we have only good things to say and we’re hoping that she keeps it up!

“Your posts with pics reflecting on earthquake recovery seem to show a lot of your heart and soul. Also the recent one on your church community. Keep up the good work!”

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