Twinkle in the Eye

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Twinkle in the Eye is a blog about motherhood and womanhood and the challenge of finding balance in the chaos.

Bree is a mother to two young boys and writes honestly about the challenges and triumphs in her journey.

Bree showcases the stories of other women, building a bank of collective wisdom and experience that supports all women in their journey through motherhood and life.

Twinkle in the Eye is a supportive, interactive community and creative space.

Musings of the Misguided


Musings of the Misguided is a blog about Mental Illness, parenting and everything in between. Tegan lives in Rockhampton, QLD with her son and a hyperactive dog. She grew up in a small town that boasts to be smack bang in the middle of Queensland and made the move to Rockhampton in 2007. Tegan has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up and thinks that being an adult is overrated.


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SavvyMumma is owned by Kylie Ofiu, a single mum of two daughters aged 5 and 6 who loves to travel, cook, create and anything to do with beauty or fashion. She shares recipes, tutorials for crafts, make up and DIY projects.

Now based in Canberra, Kylie has lived in Sydney and was born in Hobart. She regularly travels overseas and takes weekends away with her daughters. Originally trained as hairdresser and beautician, owning her own business once she finished her apprenticeship, she is now an author, international speaker and freelance writer.

Fast Lane Dad

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Fast Lane Dad is a Daddy Blogger who writes about things that interest him and that he’s passionate about, kids, cars, food and tech are his favourites.

He is many things to many people, to some he’s the bloke who know’s how to fix things, to some he’s the authority on cars and to his 3 boys, he’s the dad who has fun and spends time with them. 

If all that wasn’t enough, he also has his own radio breakfast show. It’s not a simple life he leads but show me a family of 5 that is! 

It’s a good job he’s a racing driver, as he’s living life well and truly, in the Fast Lane.


Stay at Home Mum

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Stay at Home Mum is a website dedicated to all things Mum related.  With over 600,000 unique visitors per month, it is also one of the largest ‘blogs’ in Australia.

Started by Jody Allen in 2011 from her home in Gympie, Queensland, it begun as a money saving site for people wanting to spend more time with their children and offered an alternative to working outside the home. Stay at Home Mum now has 37 staff including a sales team in Sydney, and stays true to its roots of providing information by mums, for mums.

Followers of the blog love the retro charm and ‘down to earth’ basics that Stay at Home Mum provides where perfection is a no-go and normality is. The site will have a new website re-launch in July to coincide with the release of Jody’s first book published by Penguin ‘Once a Month Cooking’.


Mummy of Style and Substance

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Kellie is a Mum of three boys – Joshua (18), Thomas (11) and Matthew (8). Josh is an outgoing, responsible young adult, who has ADHD and started a chef apprenticeship last year. Josh studies at the Sofitel Culinary School. Thomas is a quiet, thoughtful, lovely boy who has Aspergers Syndrome and is in year 5 at school. Matty is a blonde haired, blue eyed cutie and ‘the baby’, who loves to be the centre of attention.

Mummy of Style and Substance was born from a desire to offer a site to Mums where the topics discussed wouldn’t be limited to parenting. Mummy of Style and Substance discusses ways for mums to find time to care for and pamper themselves with an emphasis on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, home and garden, events, product reviews and a lot more.

Octavia & Vicky

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Kylie is a teacher and mum who loves playing and cooking with her kids as well as using as many geek-tech tools as she can. Octavia and Vicky offers readers a fun space where she shares educational experiences for children, activities, advice on technology for families, real parenting stories & yummy things to cook.

Octavia and Vicky is the one stop blog for all things family and parenting.

“Very funny and entertaining post thanks Kylie. I think all mums can relate to your experiences.”



Iron Mum Karla

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Ironmum Karla is one of Australia’s most credible health & lifestyle blogs. In a past life, fitness enthusiast and blogger – Karla Gilbert competed as a professional athlete for 10 years in the sport of Ironwoman racing; Karla has now progressed onto her next life journey, being a mum to 2 precious girls. This whole shift towards family life has seen her become even more passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing as well as also becoming an ambassador to Australian Surf Life Saving.

Ironmum Karla’s inspiring blog posts are written as an outlet to share ideas with her readers and inspire us all to keep health and fitness a priority within our lifestyles.


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There’s much more to this world than we can see and that’s why we have Claudia here: to show us the right path in life and teach us about the difference between good and evil.

Mother of three children, she lives in Christchurch, NZ – the name is quite suggestive, giving us an idea to what is going on in the city. This is a small, but strong community of spiritual and faithful people who love the simple things in life. Claudia is trying to pass to others what she was taught by them, but at the same time she is presenting her own feelings about family life and how we should love each other more.

She has also covered important events as natural disasters and that made her a very important part of the community, so we have only good things to say and we’re hoping that she keeps it up!

“Your posts with pics reflecting on earthquake recovery seem to show a lot of your heart and soul. Also the recent one on your church community. Keep up the good work!”

Mum’s Lounge

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Mum’s Lounge is the digital lifestyle magazine vertical for today’ busy Mum. Mum’s Lounge recognises Motherhood isn’t a single definition anymore and caters to the Mum and the Woman.

Mum’s Lounge isn’t a blog or simply a website, it is an online magazine vertical specifically relevant to today’s Mum’s – be it Career Mums, Mumprenuiers or Stay at Home Mums – all Women of Australia.

It inspires, provokes, informs and entertains. It shares peer advice and encourages interaction. It talks to Mums and they talk back…or to each other.

With +150 writers it covers a  huge diversity of relevant topics delivered through web, social media and email platforms.