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Marlee’s blogging adventure started only a year ago, in May 2012, when she attended a fashion blogger conference. She liked the positive energy she found there and she made a lot of new friends, which eventually made her launch her own blog.

Now String of Events is her baby and it’s growing nicely. Lots of festivals and events end up on her blog with a personal touch added, which makes it even more interesting. Because of this passion of hers (she even studied Events Management and Marketing) she had the chance to work with great companies, like Target, and take part in events organization for Tourism New Zealand, The Arts Centre from Melbourne or  Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

She loves the small things in life – food, travel, music and fashion. So you’ll find many interesting stories related to these topics on String of Events! Don’t miss out on them!

“These pictures are fantastic! I’m completely mesmerized by them.”

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