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Kylie Ofiu.Com won Best International Personal Finance Blog in 2012 and 2013 and is the official site of author, speaker, mentor and writer Kylie Ofiu. Kylie grew up in Tasmania but is now based in Canberra. She shares her personal experiences mainly relating to money on her site, but also covers motivation, overcoming hardships (having survived and overcome domestic violence, stalking, rape, robbery, homelessness and  borderline personality disorder herself.) She now uses the site to help the homeless, participating in the sleepouts and fundraising for the homeless, being an Ambassador for the community sleepout through Communities@Work and writing about homelessness issues. Her efforts saw her nominated for Community Hero in 2013.

Kylie Ofiu is a single mum of two daughters aged 5 and 6. She works from home and has learned to balance home, family and her career. She is the author of 365 Ways To Make Money (Wiley) and just signed to publish Overcoming Obstacles with Balboa Press after coming second in a writing competition with Hay House.

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