Joining the Boom Network unleashes a world of possibilities. With Boom membership, Bloggers can harness the power of the internet to generate income and gain wider associations.

Why join BOOM?

As a member of the Boom network, Bloggers can monetise their blog by opting-in to create full-page sponsored articles (advertorials) and social posts.

We look at your blog and its potential closely to make bespoke suggestions and invitations on a case-by-case basis.

Native Video Unit

Boom can build a Native Video Unit for your blog. This is a fully-customizable video player that reflects the design and purpose of your blog.

Built to your exact specifications, it is highly versatile and can be integrated into your blog seamlessly. Boom understands that Bloggers go to great lengths to create their blog designs. This is why we ensure your Native Video Unit is matched to your blog’s style to a tee – all the way down to font and background colour.

With the unit in place, Boom can then draw upon hundreds of advertisers and over 350 popular Australian content creators to broadcast updated and relevant content through your player. There will be tens of thousands of videos to choose from – your visitors and readers are in for a Boom of a treat.

After embedding your unique piece of code you’ll receive a fixed payment every single month, regardless of whether or not there is any advertising running in the player.

Benefits to your readers

  • Quality, relevant content from a mixture of Australian brands and content creators
  • Regularly updated
  • No auto-play. All content is fully user-initiated
  • Advertiser content clearly marked

Benefits to you and your blog

  • A fully-customised video and text unit built to match your site’s look and feel
  • One simple piece of code that you only have to upload once
  • Regularly generated monthly income

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