Pre Roll Plus

Pre Roll Plus combines the best of both worlds for an advertiser - pre-roll and brand integration - in a simple, low-commitment format.

With Pre-Roll Plus, Boom offers advertisers the opportunity to create something extraordinary. It combines the best of both worlds for an advertiser – Pre-Rolll and Brand Integration – in a simple, low-commitment format.

We do things a bit differently around here. While the Pre-Roll (15 or 30 seconds) runs as you would expect, the real beauty is in Boom’s nifty targeting strategies and triple-impact message:

1) We will launch your Pre-Roll targeted to a specific YouTube channel or category of channels for even wider exposure.

2) To hit home even harder, videos will begin with our “brought to you by…” style message integration during the campaign period.

3) We follow-through with a natural call-to-action and stylish annotation to make a lasting impression on the audience.

Boom. All of this in half a minute or less.

Why Pre-Roll Plus from Boom?

We understand that the length of the video is not the challenge for brands and advertisers. The real trick is to say the most in the least amount of time so that audiences can connect the dots themselves. For the advertiser this reinforces the pre-roll message by creating an instant association with the content and the opportunity for an action beyond the pre-roll.

What are you waiting for? Pre-Roll with us. It could be the most impactful 15 seconds within your campaign.


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