Branded Content

Branded Content is a high-end product where our YouTube talent creates a specific video for a brand’s campaign. This video may sit on our vlogger’s channel or on a brand’s channel – or both.

Branded Content is a high-end product where our production arm, Boom Natives, and YouTube talent create a unique video for a brand’s campaign.

Boom excels at branded content creation and has cultivated exceptional relationships with social media influencers with loyal followers. This lets us seamlessly make top content for brands and get it endorsed by the right movers and shakers on the web.

Starring our acclaimed digital talent, this video may sit on our vlogger’s channel or on a brand’s channel – or both – depending on the requirements of your campaign and the particulars of our strategy for you.

Branded Content by Boom works even better when combined with our own-recipe video seeding strategy.

This is how we do it:

BOOM BUILDS AUDIENCES – With appetizing braded content whipped to tantalize the taste buds of relevant audiences, Boom creates a bespoke audience, handpicked from our digital stars’ fan base. The match is precisely made based on their preferences and your brand’s message. This way, they’re sure to love what they see and connect their enjoyment of the video positively with your brand.

BOOM SHARES CONTENT – we get influencers and viewers to share the branded content through the social web. This is where it starts to get really fun…

BOOM GETS YOU TALKED ABOUT – With all the buzz via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on YouTube your content will be well on its way to trending.

BOOM CREATES FANS – It’s a hit! Your branded content has won over legions of new fans who are gaga for your brand and love that their favourite digital stars feature in the video.

Branded content is sold on a pre-determined fee, which Boom will negotiate on the channel’s behalf.