Boom not only has the audiences you want but the means of getting in front of them. No longer interrupt the user experience with push advertising. Instead put the brand in the experience.

Boom Network

Advertising is a constantly evolving art. So is video.

Boom has its finger on the pulse of both and is skilled at judging what audiences want. Things have changed dramatically in the last few years. Push advertising, aggressive marketing and predictable sales tactics won’t win audiences over anymore.

They are smarter than this and so are you.

Now, they demand entertainment from their advertisers.

Let Boom enthral your target market with integrity and something worth watching.

Boom understands the sophisticated preferences of audiences and can communicate these at the right pitch and to the right viewers so that it will be music to their ears. Think of us as the virtual Pied Piper of advertising and branding.

Advertising is a beautiful thing when Boom is at the helm.

We will help advertisers weave compelling stories and create powerful creative experiences for the viewer. Let us capture audiences’ attention and create a brand love affair, Boom style.

Why should Advertisers turn to BOOM?

We are all about evolution and revolution. Our forward-thinking, out-of-the-box methods, envelope-pushing tenacity and extensive experience give us the right balance of industry force, creative fearlessness and hard core gravitas. This makes Boom superbly qualified to represent our creating partners for brands and partner-up with advertisers for campaigns. We are passionate about video and our infectious enthusiasm generates excitement for marketers and other creators alike.

The video revolution is coming. It’s time to join the Boom brigade.

We exclusively represent:

  • 350+ Australian YouTube channels and their social pages
  • 550+ Australian blogging environments and sites
  • Across 10 verticals
  • 3million+ YouTube subscribers

This is now. Every day we gain more pull. Without a doubt, the future picture is surely going to get bigger, better and Boom-er.